Preschool Bug Hunt

For one of the preschool days this year we focused on bugs, and this bug hunt was by far the star.

Here are the steps and supplies for the bug hunt.

  • Construction paper
  • glass jars
  • bugs
  • bug collecting kit


1. Gather supplies, bug collecting jars, some bugs, some jars and a bug collecting kit.  I used jars because the kids could put them in the jars.
2. Label the jars with different colors of paper according to the color of bugs you have.  I used colors so the kids could associate the colors with the bugs, since they do not read.  We also did one on flying, and crawling with the jars labeled appropriately.
3. Hide the bugs and each kid a bug collecting kit.
4. Let the kids hunt the bugs and then sort the bugs when they are done.
5. Repeat as many times as the kids want to repeat.  We did this game over and over and over.  They loved finding the bugs and sorting them.  We also sorted some fluff balls with the colored jars.  They loved the fluff balls.

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